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Catt Stewart
Catt Stewart
Environment artist / level design
On the Move, United Kingdom


Entirely self taught, I possess the ability to pick things up quickly and learn on the job.

I acted as the environment artist and level designer for indie game Tangiers, on which I designed modular art assets, textures, and placed props, lighting and particle effects. I've also worked freelance designing background props, levels, art assets for a handful of other projects and prototypes including work for indie game companies such as "Crows Crows Crows", "Beardo Games" and "Horizon Heavy Industries".

I enjoy building high quality scenes that tell a story and am always learning new skills and techniques.


Environment Design3D ModelingEnvironment ModelingLightingTexturingLevel Design

Software proficiency

3ds Max
3ds Max
Substance Painter
Substance Painter


  • 3D Artist at (freelance)
    January 2016 - February 2017

    Beardo Games (February 2017)

    Funny Looking Games (September 2016)

    Crow Crows Crows (March2016)

    Horizon Heavy (January 2016)

  • Level Design/ Environment Artist at Andalusian Games
    Bristol, United Kingdom
    May 2013 - December 2016

    My work on Tangiers involved using the Unity engine and working closely with other designers on the games design including mechanics and art concepts from initial ideation.

    Responsible for visual aspects of game, including:

    *Developing and maintaining unique artistic style

    *Modelling and texturing assets and integrating them into all environments

    *Creating atmosphere by implementation of lighting and particle effects

    *Designing levels and building environments, from grey-box to full completion of art

    *Providing art direction for additional out-sourced character art

    as well as maintaining the games social media presence, and liaising with industry press to maintain public awareness during the course of development.

  • 3D and production Assistant at 422 South
    Bristol , United Kingdom
    May 2011 - February 2012

    -In my role at 422 South it was my duty to work closely with the producers and artists to ensure that footage delivered to clients was of a high standard, ensuring this included

    *Render Wrangling, Responsible for the outputs and efficiency from the server farm

    *QA / Quality control, screening all work before presenting it to clients

    *Documenting and reporting key performance indicators

    *Internal customer service, solving tech issues and business process issues

    *Out of hours technical support, key holder trusted to provide out of hours support

    *Use of Autodesk Maya, Nuke, render client Muster and Microsoft Excel.